Lina Andonovska
, Flöte
Renae Shadler, Tänzer

a reality in which everything is substitution

Luciano Berio

für Flöte solo

Cecilia Arditto

Musica Invisible
für Flöte und Tänzer

Cathy Miliken

Round Robin
für Flöte

Chris Cerrone

Liminal Highway
für Flöte

Matthias Pintscher

Beyond a System of Passing
für Flöte

Anthony Pateras

a reality in which everything is substitution
für Flöte

Salvatore Sciarrino

Canzone di Ringraziamento
für Flöte

I’ve been thinking a lot about transience and impermanence, and about the practice of gratitude. This programme reflects on these ideas...from an initial point of grounding in a work that is a benchmark in my repertoire at the beginning of the a musical and spiritual act of gratitude at the very end.

Dienstag, 18. September, 20:30 Uhr ...
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