Joshua Hyde, saxophones/objects
Noam Bierstone
, percussion/objects

scapegoat: A Message from the Lighthouse

Peter Ablinger

Weiss/weisslich 21c
for baritone saxophone & cymbal

Joshua Hyde

for improvising musician(s), live electronics & video DE

Hanna Hartman

Message from the Lighthouse
for percussion & tape DE

Fernando Garnero

for sample filtering baritone saxophone & feed-drum DE

Sam Salem

Not One Can Pass Away
for objects, video & tape

Sabrina Schroeder

for baritone saxophone & bass drums DE

Mauricio Pauly

The Threshing Floor
for tenor saxophone & percussion

In white light lies all art, and in white noise all music. Out of the complex noise of Peter Ablinger's Weiss/Weisslich slowly emerge colours and sounds, and these myriad colours and sounds transform themselves into a program of music made by objects, instruments, electronic & acoustic, accompanied by image and created by the virtuosic gestures of scapegoat..

seit 1989
Dienstag, 2. Mai, 20:30 Uhr ...
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